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Christy Frank is a filmmaker, photojournalist and writer based in the Great Lakes region. She is passionate about storytelling that intersects environmental, human and wildlife conditions. She combines a background in art, journalism, business and biology to help manage projects from start to action and to convey stories from a unique perspective. Christy’s work has appeared in bioGraphic, National Wildlife Federation, PBS, Great Lakes Now, Audubon, CBS News, PBS Nature, several galleries and for numerous nonprofit causes.



Michael Edrington is an accomplished photographer and editor with an impressive 31-year career as a U.S. Army officer having held various command and staff positions related to photography, publishing, and visual communications. Notable roles include commanding the Army’s 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), serving as deputy commander/publisher of Stars & Stripes Pacific in Tokyo, Japan and commanding the American Forces Network Europe in Frankfurt, Germany. Additionally, he served as the civilian director of the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center overseeing the DoD visual archive and dissemination of military operational imagery in support of the Department of Defense. Edrington's most recent work includes serving as managing editor for esteemed photo books Relentless Courage—Ukraine and "The World at War,  the New York Times best seller Where Valor Rests—Arlington National Cemetery, as well as For Children of Valor. He also co-curated the photo exhibit "Desert Storm, A Photographic Diary" at the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. Throughout his career, Edrington has been honored with numerous military and civilian awards, including the National Press Photographers’ Association  Morris Berman Award and President’s Medal for his outstanding service to photojournalists and the photojournalism profession.




Frank Folwell, a Washington, D.C.-based photojournalist, specializes in helping media organizations improve visual communication. For 20 years, he was a top editor in USA TODAY’S photo and graphics department, directing photographers, picture editors and artists while pioneering the use of new technology. Folwell is a member of the Fulbright Specialist program, developed by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and serves as treasurer for the National Press Photographers Foundation.  While at USA TODAY, he covered major news events, including conflicts in Somalia and the Balkans, collapse of Soviet Union and U.S. presidential campaigns. He directed photo coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Over two decades he planned Summer Olympics coverage for the newspaper and served as consultant to the Beijing News in 2008 when China hosted the summer games. He has led and participated in workshops on newsroom management, photography, and ethics throughout China.  In 2011, he was a visiting professor at China’s Shantou University and served as a judge for the prestigious China International Press Photographers’ Contest.  He has worked as a media trainer in more than a dozen countries, from Yemen and Pakistan to Armenia and Colombia.  Most recently, Folwell worked with journalists from seven Arab countries in “boot camps” held in Cairo, Egypt, and Amman, Jordan, sponsored by the International Center for Journalists. His hands-on sessions helped participants produce images for public service
reporting projects. 
Folwell has conducted workshops at Zagreb University and Dubrovnik University in Croatia, and American University of Kyrgyzstan.  He holds degrees from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Augustana College in Illinois. He was photo director at the Des Moines Register, a prize-winning newspaper in the Midwest, before going to USA TODAY.


Aaron Ansarov is a passionate creative with over 30 years of experience. He started his career as a Navy photojournalist and combat cameraman. He then transitioned to commercial and fine art photography in South Florida, where his work has been recognized and published globally.  Aaron considers himself a visual entrepreneur, constantly seeking out unique and inspiring projects that resonate with others. A constant learner, he then expanded his skill set by earning a Bachelors in Advertising which allowed him to find unique markets for his projects.  Following the loss of his best friend, mentor, and grandfather, Aaron chose to make another transition and prioritize time with his family while exploring and learning new creative pursuits. Whether it's woodworking, sculpture, painting, or any other form of "creative constructions," Aaron embraces the freedom to follow his artistic instincts each day. He cherishes this creative freedom as a rare blessing most never achieve.  In addition to his many creative endeavors, Aaron and his wife spend their summers in Poland, where they organize and facilitate an annual horse camp. Over the next five years, Aaron's main focus is on providing a nurturing and creative environment for his teenage daughter and son, whom he considers his greatest creations.  To see some of Aaron's previous projects, visit


Sharon Farmer is a photojournalist and lectures extensively on photography and photojournalism. Her recent solo photographic exhibit entitled Pro-Active Women was exhibited in 2009 at the Sewell-Belmont House and Museum on Capitol Hill in Washington. She was the curator for the photography show entitled Cuba Now at the District of Columbia's Sumner Museum and curator for Touchstone Gallery's Regional Photography Competition and Exhibition. Formerly an assignment editor for the Associated Press, she was part of the A.P. team in 2003 that covered the Super Bowl in San Diego, California.  Ms. Farmer was the campaign photographer for Sen. John Kerry's presidential election campaign in 2004. Farmer served as Director of the White House Photography Office from 1999-2001. A White House photographer since 1993, she documented the Clinton-Gore Administration since it's beginning. Ms. Farmer has been a professional photojournalist and exhibition photographer for more than 35 years, shooting news stories, political campaigns, cultural events, conferences, and portraits. Over the years she has photographed for The Washington Post, the Smithsonian Institution, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Leadership  Conference on Civil Rights, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to name a few.




Maury began his photography career in 1956 as a U.S. Navy Photographer's Mate. During his illustrious Navy career, he was a diver and underwater photographer. He served in Underwater Demolition Team Eleven. With the team he served in three combat tours in Vietnam. He was also a Naval parachutist specializing in free-fall photography and made more than 1,500 jumps. His last assignment before retiring from the Navy was as the Photo Chief at Pacific Stars and Stripes, Tokyo where his staff took first, runner-up and almost one half the individual awards in Military Photographer of the Year competition for three years. Maury retired as a Chief Petty Officer in 1975 and worked as a staff photographer with the Associated Press in Boston. After spending four years with AP he became the Director of Photography for The Providence Journal in Rhode Island. After nearly eight years at the Journal he moved to Indianapolis, IN. There he worked as the Director of Photography at The Indianapolis Star for 15 years. He has been a visiting professor at Syracuse University and working with the Military Photojournalism Classes for more than 30 years. Maury retired and is now living in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York and continues to be a mentor to his protégé in the position of National Press Photographer's Association liaison to the Department of Defense, a position he held for over 13 years.

John Christopher Anderson, co-founder of Momenta Group, has been an active player in the photographic industry for nearly twenty five years. His background includes roles as a newspaper photojournalist, daily news and travel photo editor, and Photo and Illustrations Editor for National Geographic Society. This collection of experience, plus a passion for the Craft of Concerned Documentary Photography, helped him find the inspiration to launch Momenta.  The company has creative, educational, and consulting divisions specializing in nonprofit and NGO strategic communications and educational workshops. John is considered the grand architect of Momenta Group, which operates Momenta Workshops and Momenta Creative.  In 2017, John helped Momenta launch a charitable nonprofit called Wildfire Media, which provides capacity-building and development assistance, along with a dose of inspiration, to under-supported NGO communities, charities, and documentarians around the world. The challenges of using powerful visual messaging and open-source research content, as a vehicle for educating the public, has grown into his biggest passion of late.  John lives with his wife and Momenta co-founder Jamie Rose in the beautiful mountains of Oregon. When he’s not working on Wildfire and Momenta, you can find him blazing down a singletrack on his mountain bike or offroad motorcycle, perfecting a carve on a snowboard, or hiking the backcountry trails with Jamie and their rescue pup Cody. 

You can follow his blog series, Musings from the Trail, which focuses on the changing face of documentary journalism and visual media from the perspective of a 20+ year veteran of the industry as he explores the open road on his trusty KTM.


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