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Shoot Off Visual Media Workshops is a not for profit program for our military and civil service photographers. The best speakers, mentors, editors and judges throughout the country volunteer for this respected event that aligns our service members with the national press corps, industry leaders and veteran military photographers. These workshops are for all levels and provide professional development in helping to fill training gaps for our service dedicated photographers throughout the year.

Our non profit host calls for any means of support in providing the best visual media workshop for our military and civil service photographers.  Shoot Off Visual Media Workshops is an NANP not for profit organization under section 501(c) (19) veterans organization.

Our presenters are Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award winners to nationally endowed speakers, master visual creatives, book authors, producers and lifetime educators that support the program.  We have legacy military photographers ensure students receive knowledge of their own history and provide mentorship they will carry throughout their career.


The medium is in constant change and we provide the best in visual communication networking and training.   The program involves hours of production time and resource, so key financial assistance helps offset cost of travel and lodging for key volunteers and speakers. The program reaches out to participants globally as an online program to forward operating bases and underway naval vessels.

This is a 501(C)(19) Non-Profit Program by the

National Association of Naval Photography

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